Rapid Kerbing provides continuous concrete kerbing for lawns and gardens. Our kerbing comes in a range of sizes and shapes to match each customer’s requirements.

The kerbing can be laid in curves, straight lines with square corners and in a number of colours.

All our concrete is mixed on site using a 4:1 ratio mix. Minimal water is used in the process to ensure all kerbing meets the required 25mpA. During the mixing process we include an oxide ensuring a constant colour through-out the kerbing whilst some other companies add their colour as a paint or render after the concrete kerb has been laid, this means it needs to be sealed or treated annually costing you more money over the years which other operators do not often mention.

 At Rapid Kerbing we like to treat all our customers as an individual not like a number!

 The uses of kerbing around the home are endless. It can be used for..

» Soil and Water Retention, keeping nutrients and irrigation where it is needed

» Driveway edging to prevent water run-off

» Defining garden beds and lawns adding value and character to your home

» Reducing maintenance, saving you time and money

Customer service is our highest priority. We can provide free advice and quotes which can either be discussed over the phone or on-site, which ever may be easier for the client. It is important to try and be flexible for each and every customer’s requirements to ensure the kerbing can be done in a suitable time frame. Most importantly each job is guaranteed to satisfy ensuring a strong representation from word of mouth and repeat business.

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